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Political Affiliations

  • Member, Finance Committee, Spencer Cox for Governor

  • Sponsor, Governor Gary Herbert Gala Celebration

  • Member, Governor Gary Herbert Finance Committee

  • Member, Governor Jon Huntsman Finance Committee and Transition Team

  • Member, Bennett Group Fundraiser for Congressman Chris Stewart

  • Member, Finance Committee, Jason Chaffetz for Congress

  • Member, Elephant Club Board of Directors

                     (Chief Fundraising Arm of the Utah Republican Party)

  • Member, Governor Gary Herbert Finance Committee

  • Member, Lohra Miller for District Attorney, Finance Committee

  • Member, Senator Bob Bennett Re-Election Finance Committee

  • Utah Host Committee, John McCain

  • Member, John McCain Finance Committee

  • Member, Governor Jon Huntsman Gala Finance Committee

  • Member, Host Committee, Rudy Giuliani

  • Member, Finance Committee and "Kitchen Cabinet,"

                     Orrin Hatch Presidential Campaign

  • Member, Finance Committee and "Kitchen Cabinet," Orrin Hatch for Senate

  • Member, Governor Jon Huntsman Gala Finance Committee

  • Honoree/Founder, Republican Women's PAC Inaugural Gala Founders Award

  • Sponsor, Caring for Health in Utah, Michael O. Leavitt,

                     U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

  • Host Committee, Olene Walker Legacy of Learning,

  • Finance Chairman, Utah, Bush-Cheney

  • Member, Governor-Elect Jon Huntsman Transition Advisory Committee

                     (Assignment: Natural Resources)

  • Governor-Elect Jon Huntsman Inauguration Committee

  • Senator Bob Bennett Re-Election Finance Committee

  • Member, Finance Committee, Mark Shurtleff, Attorney General

  • Sponsor, Regents' Event, 32nd Biennial Convention,

                     National Federation of Republican Women

  • Sponsor, Governor Olene Walker Inauguration

  • Chair, Finance Committee, Olene Walker for Governor

  • Chair, Third Judicial District Nominating Commission, Governor Leavitt appointment

  • Member, Governor Michael O. Leavitt Gala Finance Committee

  • Senator Robert Bennett Re-Election Finance Committee

  • Counsel to the Italian Vice Consul Utah Delegation to Torino, Italy

  • Event Chair, Dinner with Vice President Dick Cheney

  • Delegate to the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia

  • Finance Chairman, Hatch Election Committee for Senate

  • Member, Executive Committee, Hatch Election Committee for Senate

  • Member, Governor Leavitt Finance Committee

  • Utah Finance Chairman, Orrin Hatch Presidential Exploratory Committee

  • Member, President Ronald Reagan PAC (RR PAC)

  • Event Chairman, President George Bush

                     and Barbara Bush,

  •              Senator Bob Bennett Campaign Kick-off

  • Re-Election Committee, Senator Robert Bennett

  • Delegate for the visit of the

                     Republican National Committee

                     to the Republic of China

  • State Chairman, Utah Republican Party

  • Past President and Member,

  • Board of Directors,

                     Utah Republican Elephant Club

                     (Chief Fundraising Arm of the

                     Utah Republican Party)

  • Member, Finance Committee, Utah Republican Party

  • Member, Board of Directors, The Bennett '98 Committee

  • Member, Mike Leavitt for Governor '96 Committee

  • Sponsor, Reception with Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole

  • Sponsor, Republican Legislative Leadership Roast

  • Utah Counsel, Dole For President

  • Member, Executive Committee, Utah Republican Party

  • Sponsor, Governor's Ball, Governor Leavitt

  • Sponsor, Governor's Ball, Governor Bangerter

  • Member, Senator Orrin G. Hatch Re-Election Steering Committee

  • Member, Finance Committee, Mary Callaghan, Salt Lake County Commissioner

  • Co-Chairman, Steering Committee, Enid Greene, United States Congress

  • Chairman, Reception Honoring Senator Orrin Hatch with Senator Bob Dole

  • Member, Utah Business Advisory Group, Senator Robert F. Bennett

  • Sponsor, Utah Republican Party Annual Summer Celebration with Jack Kemp

  • Member, Governor-Elect Mike Leavitt Community and Economic Development                         Transition Team

  • Member, Governor-Elect Mike Leavitt Natural Resources Transition Team

  • Member, Policy and Issues Committee, Mike Leavitt for Governor

  • Recipient,Utah Republican Party Chairman's Award for Outstanding Leadership,                       Utah Republican Convention, Salt Lake City, Utah  

  • Member, Finance Committee and Executive Steering Committee,

                     Dave Buhler for Mayor

  • Past Member, Committee For a Republican Majority: Nolan Karras, President of the                 Senate and Craig Moody, Speaker of the House

  • Chairman, Finance Committee, Dan Marriott for Governor

  • Chairman, Marriott For Congress Finance Committee

Wells Fargo Center

299 South Main Street, Suite 1300
Salt Lake City, Utah

801 883-8303   TEL

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